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How to Bring up a Child

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Bringing up a child is a commitment. All human beings aspire to have an ideal child. When a child is born in a family, all members concentrate on shaping and moulding the child in an ideal manner. However, in the whole process, people forget that a child is an individual entity, who is young, innocent, energetic, experimentative and still learning. Therefore, we need to create a suitable environment for the child that is full of love, respect, knowledge and values so that the child grows according to his/her capabilities.

Indian philosophy believes that the process of educating human beings is an intensive journey right from the "womb to tomb". In fact, if we want education to have its maximum result, it should begin even before birth. To enable this, the mother has to start educating herself. This is infact a twofold process: she has to first educate herself and then the child whom she is raising. It is certain that the nature of the child to be born depends much upon the mother, her aspiration, will power and the environment she lives in.

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As children grow, they are surrounded by many people other than their parents. Their behaviour and personality is influenced by their teachers, friends and relatives. Infact, they add traits to their own life. We must provide space and freedom to children to help them learn and recognise their skills.

A popular phrase from Indian philosophy says, "Satyam shivam sundaram", which means truth (satya) is God (Shiv) and God (Shiv) is beautiful (sunder) i.e. truth is God and God is beautiful. According to this approach, we should nurture our children with values such as truth, beauty and honesty. These values are imbibed at home, at school and various other social setups.

There are certain qualities that children should possess and for which we all should put conscious effort while grooming them. Therefore, parents and teachers should work in cooperation to build a suitable environment around the children that helps them:

At school
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... Develop a liking towards their studies when they are at school

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...Make friends and enjoy playing when they are in the playground

At home

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... Enjoy food and develop a habit of eating at meal-time

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...Form a habit of sleeping at bed-time

At social setups
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... Have deep respect for the Divine

... Show love for all those around them

These qualities are positive attitudes that can be developed amongst children by exposing them to values. From a very early stage, children should be prepared to face the situations that they will have to face in today's world. They should be taught values through questioning, role plays, critically analysing the paths to be taken and predicting outcomes. If efforts are genuinely made by parents and care is taken while educating children, they will grow up as good human beings, who are intelligent, honest, punctual, friendly, courageous and those who are able to differentiate between right and wrong and likewise implement them in their lives.

Therefore, parents and teachers need to educate children in such a manner that they imbibe all good qualities one can think of. Educating children in this manner will help them develop good traits, characters and personalities. They will also be able to possess the following qualities:


Children will have strength to control their anger when things seem to go against them or decisions are not made in their favour.


They will develop confidence and never be scared to say the truth whatever be the consequences.


Children will learn to be honest to themselves and to others as well.


Children will be able to acquire a habit that will help give them strength not to get disheartened if they have to wait for long to see the results of their efforts.


They will be able to enhance a sense of endurance that will help them face inevitable difficulties and sufferings without grumbling.


They will develop a positive attitude and not become conceited over their success and also will not feel themselves superior to their comrades.

They will be able to appreciate the merits of others and help others to succeed.


Children will be able to maintain equilibrium and readiness in success as well as in failure.


They will be able to strengthen their power to fight continuously till the final victory, though they may meet with many defeats.


They will adapt a healthy attitude and know how to smile and keep a happy heart in all circumstances.


They will be able to enhance their will power, pay attention to their lessons and put effort to understand everything that is told.


Children will learn to be obedient and maintain discipline in their day-to-day life.


They will develop steady and persistent attitude in their effort, no matter how long it has to last.


They will be able to build faith in the future, which is rich and full of beauty and light.

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Childhood is a symbol of future and the hope of all victories to come.

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    Tooo good…I liked this article a lot.

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